Parent Interaction

True education seeks a continuum between the efforts made by the child, the parents and the school. Every time a child discovers a truth about the self or when they accomplish a milestone, a foundation is laid for the building of yet another discovery or creation. The work of parenting and teaching is to identify these moments and to provide space and encouragement for Children to build upon their inherent strengths. Since the experiences of the school and the home are equally significant for the development of all children.

Golden Heights School encourages harmonious interaction in thinking and approach between the caretakers at home and in school. Thus. the school will continuously work to establish open channels of communication between the parents and the teachers. From time to time, the school will organize a range of opportunities and activities for parents to interact with resource persons, teachers and school counselors. The overall purpose is to enable positive collaborative efforts to build on the child’s strengths.

Workshops, open parent interactive sessions and one-on-one parent teacher meetings provide ample scope for the respective caretakers to bring their best efforts forward for the development of the child. The school welcomes constructive suggestions and ideas from all parents to make their children’s development more meaningful and real.